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Recommendations -

Fullscript: Physician Grade Nutraceuticals and Supplements Fullscript gives my patients access to physician grade supplements that are vetted for quality and origin to help them achieve their wellness goals, along with a discount. Recommendations from Dr. Geralyn Kruger are sent directly to you, and Fullscript delivers them right to your door.

Cellcore:  Patient Direct Code: 3UvIdwgV

PRIIA: Non toxic makeup without pore clogging ingredients "PRIIA10" for %10 off first order

ELAA: Non toxic skin and body care without pore clogging ingredients, "GERALYNKRUGER" for %10 off

Desbio : Patient Direct Code: 7447c2e0

Core Formulas 

Red Light Therapy

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna $100 off with this link

My Pure Water : Favorite Water Distillation System

Remineralize your Water for Cellular Hydration: Electrolytes

Zuma Nutrition and Body Care "GERALYNKRUGER" for %15 off

Favorite Magnesiums

BioRay Belly Mend : One of my favorite children's line
Code: GERALYNKRUGERWELLNESS for %10 off order

Force of Nature : Non Toxic, Professional Grade Cleaning Products, approved for Covid and Safe for Kids and Pets
Code: GERALYN30 for %30 off all bundles

Vibrant Blue Oils: Organic Therapeutic Oil Blends

Organic Mold and Pesticide Free Coffee (and Mushrooms): Organo Royal

Lauricidin Monolaurin

Superfeast : Mushrooms and Herbal Tonics





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