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"I came to Geralyn to be treated for chronic fatigue from long Covid. For many weeks following my bout with Covid, I could barely get off the couch and had lingering chest congestion and brain fog. It was debilitating and even the basics of daily living was an effort. As I scoured the internet looking for answers, I mainly found sad stories of people having unresolved symptoms for months, seeking help from conventional doctors who had no answers. I reached out to Geralyn. I began acupuncture treatment twice a week, and we also ran a Functional lab panel to get more answers. Each visit was like a mini retreat as she creates a safe and sacred space to go within, to be quiet and to heal with her kind and gentle demeanor, deep listening and heart presence. She treated me with acupuncture, cupping, certain dietary shifts and herbal supplements. There was a noticeable improvement in my energy after only a couple of weeks and after a couple of months my symptoms completely resolved. Thanks to Geralyn I got my life back, and I have a renewed trust in my body’s ability to heal. I am deeply grateful". -P.R.

"Geralyn fixed my shoulder, to the point where it is in a completely different position than it has been for years. I can hardly believe how much better it is. I am so grateful that I can rely on her to fix all my injuries. I have been to dozens of acupuncturists and she has the most gentle needle insertions- I don't even feel it! Thank you Geralyn for all that you have done for me!" -N.B.

"Geralyn has done what my doctors said would not be possible. After a traumatic injury to one of my fingers which left me with nerve damage and no feeling I started seeing Geralyn. After several sessions I regained full feeling and healed very fast, so fast my regular doctors could not understand how it happened. I highly suggest Geralyn." -C.K.

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Geralyn for over a year now as part of my holistic approach to managing an autoimmune disease, a journey I've been committed to for over a decade. Despite always feeling relatively "good" and dedicated to my health and wellness, a turning point occurred last summer when Geralyn suggested that we run a Functional Lab Panel to gain a deeper understanding of my body's functioning.

Initially, I approached the lab tests with the assumption that they would merely validate my overall health. However, the results revealed some significant markers indicating stress, particularly inflammation in my body. Geralyn, in our post-results meeting, adeptly explained the findings in an accessible and digestible way. While I was currently in an "OK" state, she emphasized that, over the years, these concerns could potentially impact my health and longevity if left unaddressed.

After our meeting, Geralyn formulated a comprehensive roadmap to tackle the identified areas requiring support. This involved adjustments to my diet, the incorporation of supplements, and some practical lifestyle changes. Over the past four months of implementing this treatment plan, I've experienced a remarkable improvement in my overall well-being. I now have more energy, mental clarity, and a profound sense of physical strength and health. Working with Geralyn has truly been a gift, and integrating acupuncture into my health plan has proven to be an invaluable addition." -J.V.

"Acupuncture has become my favorite form of healing. I never anticipated how effective and relaxing treatment would be. I came to Geralyn for help with really bad PMS, and I experienced huge relief of mood-swings and other symptoms after only one month of weekly sessions. The acupuncture has also helped tremendously in relieving chronic pain in my neck and hips. I've had a lot of bodywork done and I can say with confidence that Geralyn is a gem -- she really listens. Her approach is holistic and educational, and her demeanor is both caring and professional. I recommend her unequivocally!" - H.B.

"Plain and simple...... Geralyn has helped me more than the medical surgeons have. I am a veteran and have some intestinal issues stemming from the war. I have been operated on and parts of my large intestine removed all together. Still having issues after the operation, I went to seek help with acupuncture. It has helped me tremendously and would recommend Geralyn to anybody!!!" R.C.

"Geralyn is incredible! I had a sore foot that had gotten so swollen and within two sessions the pain and swelling went completely away. I don't know how she did it, but it worked!"- J.S.

"I came to see Geralyn for stubborn hip pain that I had for 3 months. I tried exercise therapy and massage but to no avail. However, following 3 acupuncture treatments with Geralyn, my pain went away completely and has not come back. I was so grateful and I continue to see her for treatments for other ailments. She has a very calming presence and a knack for blending her expertise with intuition. I highly recommend her acupuncture treatments." - J.R.

"After many years of back pain and couple of major surgery's I was still always uncomfortable until I went to see Geralyn. I am glad to say it's been one of my best decisions, don't be afraid- it works. One year later, I am back working full time. I have sent many others to her and all love what she has done for them." -M.F.

"After my allergy meds stopped working, I needed something to fix cat and pollen allergies. Nothing worked. Met with Geralyn after A LOT of doubts and tried a session. Not only was it incredibly relaxing vs my normal 25 hour work day, it worked!! Highly encourage giving a visit to her if you're a newbie or veteran to acupuncture! Thanks much!"- D.L.

"Geralyn worked on me and wow did my energy move! I had been feeling a bit down emotionally and during the treatment the energy shifted dramatically. I was able to think clearly, start to stand up for myself (without being obnoxious) and let a lot of stuff go. Also I have gone to acupuncturists whose needle insertion really hurt. Not with Geralyn, it was not painful at all. Don't let this quiet, soft spoken woman fool you. She is a very powerful practitioner and empathetic healer. I highly recommend her work." -S.B.

"I love it when I become a "convert" to something that I originally was not a fan of....and particular...acupuncture administered by Geralyn is one of those examples. I had previous gone to an acupuncturist and was not impressed. I found no measurable improvement in how I felt after several sessions with this care giver and thus I assumed, incorrectly, that the entire practice of acupuncture was a waste of my time and money. NOTHING could be further from the truth when I "convinced" myself to give it one more try with Geralyn about a year later. I was suffering...and I mean suffering from pains in my hips and was resigning myself to a life riddled with this on again, off again kind of pain. After a few concurrent sessions with Geralyn (about a months time)...I am happy to report I am absolutely pain free and have no recurrence of this particular aliment. In addition to that, Geralyn worked on other areas of my body to increase energy flow and I feel like a new person. I cannot thank her enough...and I cannot say enough about the manner in which she practices her art. If you are considering acupuncture....OR ...if like me...have sworn it must try Geralyn first. It was life changing for me. Thank you Geralyn" - N.D.

"Geralyn is truly the best Acupuncturist in the area. She is extremely qualified, knowledgable, professional and always has very calming presence. I feel the effects of her treatments for weeks after my visits. Her new space is tranquil, easy to get to and well worth the short drive from Boston. I highly recommend her services." -C.M.

"The healing starts when Geralyn enters the room. She is totally focused on her patient, carefully listens to their history, and is fully engaged in the healing. She poses thoughtful questions to clarify all facets of the medical problem. Geralyn truly understands the two thousand year old, Chinese medicine. She has advanced training as well as many years of practical experience. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture in today’s world, you will leave Geralyn's office the first time a believer in acupuncture because of the wonderful results you will receive. Geralyn has been a blessing to me." -A.L.

"Geralyn is a consummate professional.  I had never received acupuncture before, and Geralyn thoroughly explained what she would be doing, and put any nerves I had at ease.  I have returned for additional treatment, and will absolutely continue to do so in the future!"

"I referred my husband to Geralyn for post surgery pain and he was thrilled! He found that not only did his back feel better but he found it treated other aches and pains and he slept better after treatments. He is hooked! Geralyn is knowledgeable and really knows her stuff. She has such a kind and caring demeanor. Thank you Geralyn!" -D.D.

"Geralyn has helped both my husband and daughter in supportive, caring acupuncture sessions. She knows what she is doing and is highly intuitive. I would feel comfortable recommending anyone to her." M. H.

"Geralyn's treatments leave me feeling balanced, calmed, and energized, all at the same time. But my favorite part of visiting her is the energy she brings to the room. As someone new to acupuncture, it is somewhat intimidating, but she made me feel totally relaxed and trust that I was in great hands!" - J.B.B.

"Geralyn blends a deep understanding of the human body and its function seamlessly with a genuinely kind and personal approach to her good work, which has always led me to feel much better for having seen her. A great listener, she makes you feel comfortable and open to letting her know about the trouble spots. And her precise technique in addressing those specific aches & strains is elegantly meshed with attention to one's entire well being." - M.A.

"What an experience ! I had no fear of acupuncture, but I know many others might. Geralyn has such a calming aura and fantastic space that you can't help but be put at ease. She truly listens to your concerns and appreciates your ailments. It feels like a mini-vacation everytime I'm there. And her results are unbelievable. The results she has provided for myself and others are truly amazing." -G.V.

"I didn't know what to expect when going for acupuncture, but I was suffering from a pain in my shoulder and I had heard that acupuncture could help. So, I gave Geralyn a try and had a great experience. Acupuncture is pain free and Geralyn explained everything thoroughly. She also created a relaxing atmosphere that totally put me at ease. I highly recommend Geralyn for help with just about any ailment." - E.G.

"Geralyn has an enormous sensitivity for this. I was amazed at how attentive and intuitive she is. I experienced immediate results/relief after having worked with her. I will definitely be visiting her again soon!" - K. H.

"Geralyn is absolutely amazing! The healing powers I experienced were tremendous. If you've ever been reluctant to try acupuncture, I would highly recommend giving Geralyn a chance. Her calm and caring demeanor along with the most relaxing atmosphere, made her an absolute pleasure to work with." - J. B.



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